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All forces are rallied to defeat ECTA- Lal Kantha


All forces are rallied to defeat ECTA- Lal Kantha

A campaign of distribution of 1 million leaflets by the National Trade Union Centre to aware the general public against the ECTA to be signed by the present government was commenced in front of the Fort railway station. The president of the centre Lal Kantha, the convener Samantha Koralearachchi, the general secretary of Ceylon Electricity Board Employees’ Union  Ranjan Jayalal, the general secretary of the...

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The duty to avoid a war in Kor…

The duty to avoid a war in Korea

A few days ago I mentioned the great challenges humanity is currently facing. Intelligent life emerged on our planet approximately...

Tax amendments

Tax amendments

Tax amendments expose govt.’s development myth The dictator in Charley Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ enjoys whirling a globe on his palm...

Government’s LLRC ‘magic box’ …

Government’s LLRC ‘magic box’ has no tricks

The report of the ‘Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation’ (LLRC) was presented by the government to Parliament on the 16th. The government has...

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